The Fianna Flag, Badge, and motto

The Fianna Flag
The Fianna Flag is sky blue with a sunburst and is sometimes depicted with “Fianna Éireann” inscribed on it. It symbolises the passing of the long night of sadness and the dawning of a new era of hope in Ireland.

The Fianna Badge
The colours of the Fianna badge are green, white and orange. The sunburst on the badge is a symbol of our forefathers’ never-ending fight against foreign oppression. There are fifteen points on the sunburst — twelve represent the Code of Honour and three the Fianna Motto. The pike across the middle of the badge symbolises the victories and defeats that Ireland has suffered in its long fight for freedom. The name “Fianna Éireann” on the badge means “Soldiery of Ireland”.

The Fianna Motto

Glaine inár gcroí — Purity in our hearts
Neart inár ngéaga — Strength in our arms
Beart de réir ar mbriathar — Truth on our lips.