This website is a project of independent Republicans aimed at paying homage to an influential but often overlooked organization, Na Fianna Éireann. This site is not aligned nor connected to any organization including NFÉ itself.

While mindful of the various divisions that have occurred in the wider Republican Movement, and indeed in Fianna Éireann itself, we strive to present as neutral a stance as possible by providing more than one perspective on these contentious time periods. That said, there is no way to satisfy everyone.

The majority of the material on this website is reproduced from the 1964 Fianna Handbook. The rest is either credited to its original source or is the effort of the authors of this website.

We hope our visitors will be able to glean a deeper understanding of the history and importance that Na Fianna has played in the Republican struggle in its over 100-year existence.

For any questions, to give feedback, or to contribute to this website we can be reached via the contact page.