The Fianna Code of Honour

“We, the Fianna of Fionn never lied,
Falsehood was never attributed to us;
By courage and the strength of our hands.
We used to come out of every difficulty.”

  1. A Fian is patriotic
    He learns all about his country, knows its history and language, its resources and industries, and his one aim in life is to serve it to the best of his ability. With that end in view, he makes it a rule to do at least ONE thing every day for his country’s cause. He plays Gaelic games, sings the songs of his country and he supports and encourages the purchase of home manufactured goods.
  2. A Fian is reliable
    He is truthful. His honour can be trusted. His word can be relied upon. He does not exaggerate or spread false alarms. He controls his tongue, and wins the respect of his friends and superiors. “He let me down once”: This is one of the most damning things that can be said of a person. It means that he will nver be entirely trusted, never quite believed, never fully relied on again. Never let this be said of a Fian.
  3. A Fian is diligent
    He works conscientiously for his employer and his country, and by study and perseverance he gets to the top in his particular trade or profession. He is at the top because he remembers while doing his daily tasks, that it is not for himself alone that he works; that he is a Fian; that the good name of the Fianna is at stake; and that he is not going to let it down.
  4. A Fian is kind
    He is polite in his manners, conduct and language towards others. He knows that the kind word and the kind deed stamp him as a Fian, and he is ever ready to lend a hand to those who need it. He is a friend to dumb animals and will not harm or hurt them.
  5. A Fian is obedient
    He renders strict obedience to his superiors. He leanrs to obey before he commands; he learns to discipline and control himself before he aspires to teach discipline to others.
  6. A Fian is cheerful
    He never sulks. He always has the cheery word and does his duty with a smile. His ever bright and smiling countenance radiates the sunshine of life wherever he goes.
  7. A Fian is thrifty
    He does not unnesessarily destroy what may be useful to others. He is as careful of other people’s property as he is of his own. When training or camping he is careful of the farmer’s crops and fences, and replaces the falling stone and repairs any other damage he may have caused. He does not gamble or spend his money foolishly.
  8. A Fian is brave
    He faces danger, knows no fear, and stands for right on all occasions.
  9. A Fian is clean
    He keeps his body and mind clean and pure. Every Fian leanrs to swim. He always turns up on parade with clean face and hands, clothes brushed and boots polished. A Fian does not associate with anti-social elements.
  10. A Fian is humble
    His aim is not to gain promotion so as to have authority over other Fian, but to work to make himself a better Fian and a better citizen of Ireland. Fine epaulettes and uniforms are not everything. In the Fianna there is no room for vain glory or self-importance. In the Fianna all Fian are equal: there is neither distinction of class or creed. We seek equality.
  11. A Fian is temperate
    He eats, drinks and behaves in moderation at all times. Moderation is his motto.
  12. A Fian is punctual
    He is always on time. He makes it a point, whether on parade or at work, on business or pleasure, to be a couple of minutes before the appointed time. It is by strict observance of punctuality that it soon becomes a life long habit.